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It can be said that Roblox is one of the best place for playing games. In this platform, we can choose more than 15 million games which are created by users. Those games also consist of a wide variety of genres such as military, fighting, navy, army, sports, town and building, medieval, sci-fi, RPG and many others. According to comScore, this platform is the #1 gaming site for kids and teens. Everyday, everyone can access Roblox to play games, creates adventures, role play and also learn with their friends in an environment which is family friendly, immersive and 3D.

In Roblox, you are able to do anything. You are able to build an awesome theme park, compete as a professional race car driver, become a superhero, star in a fashion show or even simply design dreamhome and hang out with friends. There are more than 40 million experiences and it still counting. The number of the games in Roblox keep increasing because Roblox allows the users to create their own games by facilitating Roblox Studio. So, there are a lot of users who create games in Roblox. When you visit Roblox in the games section, you can see many choices and even you can see them based on the preference. In the popular games, you can find [Museum] Jailbreak by Badimo, Mining Simulator by Runway Rumble, [Kitchen] MeepCity by alexnewton, [Eye-Candy] Ro-Ghoul by SushiWalrus, Phantom Forces by StyLis Studios, Counter Blox Roblox Offensive by ROLVe Community, [Black Panther] 2 Player Superhero Tycoon by 1CBD Studios and many others. In the top earning games, you can find Welcome to Bloxburg  by Coeptus, [Museum] Jailbreak by Badimo, Mining Simulator by Runway Rumble, [Eye-Candy] Ro-Ghoul by SushiWalrus, [Kitchen] MeepCity by alexnewton and many others. In the top rated games, you can find Welcome to Bloxburg by Coeptus, Zombie Rush by Beacon Studio, Restaurant Tycoon by Ultraw, Zombie Attack by wenlocktoad vs indra, Bee Swarm Simulator by Onett, Build A Boat For Treasure by Chillz Studios, Natural Disaster Survival by Stickmasterluke, Mining Simulator by Runway Rumble, MMC Zombies Project by Official Leek tag Fan group and many others. In the recommended games, you can see there are Pizza Factory Tycoon by Ultraw, McDonald’s Tycoon by Tycoon Productions, YouTuber Tycoon by YouTube, Gravity Shift by meguy1, Restaurant Tycoon by Ultraw,Home Tycoon 2018 by capserg and many others. And then, in featured games, you can see there are Time Clash X by Hexogen Studios, Wild Revolvers by Novaly Studios, Fart Attack by Hidden Powerup, Boardwalk Tycoon by Boardwalk Tycoon Team, and some others.

Well, there are so many choices of Roblox Games that you can choose to spend your time. Those games which we have mentioned above probably can be your reference. Or, if you think that you have your own imagination and you do not find it in those games, then, you are able to create your own games by using Roblox Studio and make a good games that will be liked by a lot of Roblox users.

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